3 Reasons Why the 2017 NSX Was Named Performance Car of the Year

June 8th, 2017 by

3 Reasons Why the 2017 NSX Was Named Performance Car of the Year

The Acura NSX was named “Road & Track’s” 2017 Performance Car of the Year — and for good reason! The NSX topped eight of the world’s best sports cars thanks to its potent blend of style, performance, and excitement.

A Unique Driving Experience

According to “Road & Track,” 2017 is the first time a hybrid vehicle has elicited such an emotional response with its technology and capabilities. The magazine states:

“Everything about the car — from the way in which the brake-by-wire pedal lengthens its travel when the brakes are hot to the manner in which the mid-mounted V6 permits itself a bit of the ol’ barbaric yawp when it’s winding out in fourth gear—is intended to enhance the driver’s involvement.”

The 2017 Acura NSX is the only supercar designed, developed, and manufactured in America, which makes this win particularly special. It received eight of the available 10 votes from “Road & Track,” resulting in universal acclaim.

A Prestigious Award

“Road & Track’s” Performance Car of the Year is now in its fifth year. The award is given based on testing that occurs over four days. Two days are dedicated to back-road performance in Tennessee and Kentucky, while the other two are reserved for the track at the National Corvette Museum Motorsports Park in Bowling Green.

Cars must be new or significantly revised from the previous year’s model in order to qualify for the competition. Magazine writers and editors evaluate each car based on three factors: value, performance, and emotion. In the performance category, judges note the car’s acceleration, handling, braking, sound level, shift points, and weight, accounting for any weather conditions during the testing process. The transmission, engine, drive train, steering, brakes, and tires are also evaluated.

The 2017 Acura NSX featured in the magazine’s competition had a Valencia Red Pearl exterior paint color with red leather seats and a sleek interior sport package. A rear decklid spoiler, black brake calipers, and carbon-ceramic rotors only added to the car’s performance and style.

Interwoven Dynamics

Acura describes its NSX through the principle of “Interwoven Dynamics,” which is a theme of balanced integration. The car draws upon the best technology of the past with notable future-forward considerations that are equally at home on the track and on the open road. Simply put, the NSX is the ultimate “New Sports eXperience.”

The car’s body boasts complete airflow management for optimal performance. Every line and curve has a purpose, including 10 functional intakes for superior cooling and aerodynamic performance. Its carbon fiber material is both lightweight and strong, offering a street style that doesn’t back down.

The NSX also offers exclusive wheels to deliver remarkable speed and grip. Combine that with the expert steering from the ergonomic cockpit, and you’ve got a breakout vehicle that fully supports freedom of movement.

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