4 Holiday Gifts to Give to Your Car

December 1st, 2016 by

Everyone can benefit from a little Christmas cheer, and your car is no different. Of course, the kinds of gifts you can give a vehicle are as varied as the vehicles themselves, so here are a few “gift” ideas based on the type of job your car performs.

Every Car: Routine Maintenance

Getting your car some routine maintenance for Christmas is like giving someone socks and underwear: It’s not very glamorous, and it certainly doesn’t live up to the spirit of the season since it’s something you should be getting anytime you need it. But at the same time, you still need socks and underwear, and you’re still going to make good use of them. So keep up with your maintenance when you hit the right milestones. If you need Christmas as a good excuse to perform a full inspection, then you should definitely do so.

Commuter: An Audio Upgrade

If you spend a lot of time stuck in your car on the open highway or in thick rush-hour traffic, it’s good to have something that can take your mind off your boring surroundings (but without distracting you so much that you get into an accident). This is why a radio is essential in any car, but you can do better than four speakers and a tuning dial. If your built-in audio system doesn’t already stream from your smartphone, you might be able to add an aftermarket connection. Failing that, you can get a speaker accessory for your phone.

Luxury: A Full Detailing

If you aren’t aware already, “detailing” a car means washing, cleaning, and polishing every last surface, both inside and out. A car detailing is sort of like a day spa treatment, and a luxury vehicle is certainly vain enough to appreciate it. Whether it’s a solid sedan or a small but speedy sports car, you need to spoil your luxury car every now and again, even if it was already a few years old when you bought it.

Truck: Accessories

Trucks are incredibly popular throughout America, in large part thanks to all the different roles they can fill based on which configuration you buy. They combine a sturdy design with a suspension that can tackle any road (or lack thereof), and they can tow and carry a lot of weight.

So what do you get the truck that can do anything? Accessories, of course! A tonneau cover can keep the contents of the truck bed safe and secure against weather and wandering hands, seat covers can keep your upholstery safe, and running boards can make it easier to climb in and out of a full-size truck.

When it comes to Christmas, even inanimate objects can enjoy and appreciate the spirit of giving. So make sure you treat your vehicle right, no matter what you use it for, and get it a gift it can truly appreciate when you do your Christmas shopping this year.

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