Acura Gives New NSX Owners Their Own Supercar Films

March 9th, 2017 by

Acura Gives New NSX Owners Their Own Supercar Films

Acura has rolled out a new campaign, “NSX Originals,” that brings to life each owner’s supercar. Custom-produced films of the 2017 Acura NSX will provide virtual tours of the built-to-order vehicles, featuring the elements involved in specific vehicles.

Owners of the 2017 NSX will be given personalized digital films featuring their supercars. The campaign highlights the original concept that inspired the supercar. Owners will experience the beauty of the NSX and the unique manufacturing process. They will be able to show their friends and family seven key manufacturing elements in the process by which their cars were created:

Precision Robotic Welding

The 2017 Acura NSX space frame and body are constructed in-house, using robotic MIG welding for exemplary body accuracy and rigidity and ensure world-class quality and performance.

Space Frame Construction

The lightweight frame of the NSX is created with materials that include aluminum, carbon fiber, and ultra-strong steel. This design improves torsional rigidity without reducing maximum performance.

Zirconium Bath

Before being painted, the lightweight space frame gets dipped into a zirconium bath. This environmentally friendly material ensures that the coating process will result in almost no environmental waste. It also protects the frame from the elements it will face in the outside world.

Paint Robotics

Using state-of-the-art paint robotics for precision, the NSX body parts are painted before assembly. But it gets even better, as the painting process includes 11 coats of primer and paint. The result is a world-class finish.

Custom Hand Assembly

The NSX is custom-assembled by hand by 16 highly skilled technicians. For example, bolts in the NSX are started by hand and then finished by machine. The engine is pushed under the frame of the car and secured by technicians. Unlike the mass production of cars, only one technician is responsible for sealing the body of the supercar. To protect the supercar, technicians wear leather gloves during assembly to prevent tiny scratches that other fabrics can cause.

Three Motorsports Hybrid Power Unit

The power unit is crafted using a 75-degree DOHC twin-turbo V6 engine that creates a powerful thrust. The 9-speed dual clutch transmission works with the rear direct drive electric motor to produce quick and precise gear changes. This provides instant torque and power to the rear wheels for instant acceleration. The front-mounted twin motor unit is designed to be small and lightweight. The unit provides ample torque and power to the front wheels. When combined with the twin-turbo V6 engine and direct drive motor, the unit provides supplemental power for instant acceleration.

Rolling Dynamometer

Before each NSX leaves the manufacturing plant, rigorous tests are performed to verify its dynamic capabilities. This includes a shaker test to ensure quality. Other tests include four corner weight checks, as well as tests to validate the power and braking system.

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