What Does Acura Mean?

Acura logo on grille of white Acura model

Acura has a few different meanings and sources of its name. For starters, the origin of Acura came from the Latin word Acu, meaning “done with precision” or “mechanically precise.” However, since Acura is a Japanese brand, its name also sources its meaning from the Japanese division of the Honda Motor Company, which called this make Akira — meaning “intelligent,” “wisdom,” or “truth.”

What is the Meaning of the Acura Logo?

Take a closer look at the Acura logo with the Latin meaning of the word Acura in mind, and you might notice something new about the insignia. The Acura logo resembles the tip of a caliper measurement instrument to help determine thickness and obtain precise measurements. In other words, this tool helps with accuracy. Since Acura models are “done with precision” and are “mechanically precise,” making this logo fit our Acura models well.

Acura History

Honda engineers who created the Integra and the Legend started Acura in 1986, and they took their luxury brand straight to the top in less than a year. Within three years, Acura had launched its supercar, the Acura NSX. By 2000, Acura created its luxury SUV with the three-row Acura MDX. Boasting a bounty of innovative tech like AcuraLink, a U.S.-based Performance Manufacturing Center in Ohio, and a full line-up of great luxury vehicles, Acura’s future is bright, and it shows no sign of slowing down.

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