Wheel alignment plays an important role in ensuring your wheels are coming in contact with the ground as they should be. Not to be confused with a similar maintenance service, wheel balancing which is making sure the weight on your wheels is evenly distributed, alignment changes the angles at which your tires move on the ground.

There is a lot to know about wheels and there is more care needed rather than just a rotation (which is important, too!). The team at Mile High Acura knows all the care needed to maintain your tires and to safely get the most miles out of them as possible. The next time you think you're experiencing any tire issues, help them last longer by getting them taken care of sooner rather than later and book your appointment with us at Mile High!

Two-Wheel Alignment
Otherwise known as front end alignment, is when we go in and adjust just the front two tires. This typically involves things like the camber, toe, and caster to realign it with the backend.

Four-Wheel Alignment

Four-Wheel Alignment is when we go in and align all four wheels - typically done to all-wheel-drive cars because of their independent suspensions compared to front-wheel-drive cars.

How to keep tires properly aligned?

The best practice is safe driving. Your wheels can become unaligned due to hitting things like potholes, curbs, and debris in the road one time too many. We can't avoid every little hit in the road, but the more we can, the better our tires wear and the less likely you will experience any wheel problems.

Signs Your Wheels Need to Be Aligned:
  • Car is pulling to the left or to the right while driving straight
  • The steering wheel sits at an angle
  • When you notice uneven treadwear on your tires