For many of us, fall brings nostalgic memories of fluttering leaves, beautiful scenery, and cooling temperatures - but wildfire season has become a significant concern with rising temperatures and volatile weather. Whether you live in Aurora, Colorado, or elsewhere, it is crucial to take action by changing your vehicle's air filters.

The Importance of An Engine Air Filter

Sometimes easily overlooked, your Engine Air Filter is responsible for protecting your vehicle from dust, sand, and other particulates. Due to this, the filter can become filthy over time. Centennial, Colorado, residents make sure to keep an eye on this.

A dirty engine air filter can adversely impact your driving experience. If your vehicle begins malfunctioning in any of the following ways, it may be time to change your filter:

  • Delayed Acceleration
  • Black Smoke From Exhaust
  • Strange Smells
  • Check Engine Light Comes On

It is crucial to be preemptive, especially with wildfire season on the heels of Littleton, Colorado inhabitants. A combination of dry air and an increase in particulates can pose risks to drivers with unchanged air filters.

How to Change Your Engine Air Filter

The process of changing your engine air filter is easy for Englewood, Colorado residents and more. Before beginning, you'll want to locate the destination of the filter. If you're struggling with it, take a peek into your owner's manual.

Take the following steps to change your Engine Air Filter:

  • Open the hood and locate
  • Unscrew the top of the unit
  • Remove the old filter
  • Replace the new filter and screw top back in

As you can see, changing your Engine Air Filter is simple for the everyday Denver driver. If you need some additional assistance, visit our service center! We’d be happy to install a fresh unit for you. We hope to help you enjoy a clean, quality driving experience this fall!

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