Oil is essential to the function of your vehicle. Ensuring that clean oil flows through your engine can keep your car on the Denver roads longer. Know when to change the motor oil in your Acura, a luxury vehicle, or any other car you drive between Aurora, CO and Littleton, CO. The Mile High Acura service center in Denver is your Rocky Mountain home for quick and affordable oil changes.

Why is Clean Oil so Important?

Oil should be changed out every 5,000 to 7,000 miles so the engine doesn’t suffer any negative effects. Clean oil helps protect a vehicle's engine by dislodging any dirt or grime. While it cleans, oil also cools everything under the hood to keep it from overheating. Furthermore, clean oil can better slip between all the gears and parts to properly lubricate them. Clean oil acts as a safeguard for your Acura's engine!

What Problems Can Dirty Oil Cause?

Aurora, CO drivers that neglect to change their oil may suffer engine breakdowns or poor performance. All the miles traveling around Denver add up in the form of dirt and muck. Motor oil eventually turns thick from the build-up and becomes unable to cool the engine or lubricate parts.

When Can I Tell It's Time to Change My Oil?

A few common ways you can tell it's time for an oil change include:

  • A rattling sound coming from the engine while driving.
  • Dark smoke coming from the exhaust pipe.
  • Your vehicle shakes or vibrated when idling.
  • The oil level is low.
  • The oil appears dirty or has an irregular texture.
  • You notice your Acura's performance worsens as you earn lower fuel economy ratings driving around Denver.
  • Changing gears feels funny or sticks.

Mile High Acura is Your Home for Fast & Affordable Oil Changes in Denver

Our Acura-certified technicians in Denver perform conventional, synthetic blend, and full synthetic oil changes. They can tell Littleton, CO motorists which type of motor oil works best for their Acura or another vehicle.

Mile High Acura offers service specials, helping Centennial, CO customers save money with oil change coupons. If Englewood, CO drivers see the oil light illuminate their dashboard, we encourage them to schedule service online or contact our Denver Acura service center with a call or click.

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