Your brakes and brake system are essential for the safety and operation of your Acura. At Mile High Acura, we offer the following brake services when you visit our service center.


Brake System Inspection

Like all of the other operating systems in your Acura, the brake system requires routine maintenance to ensure that it is properly operating. During a brake system inspection, a certified technician will inspect the different parts from the brake pads to the brake fluid to guarantee that they are operating at the proper performance level.

Brake Pad Replacement Service

If the friction material that your brake pads have is worn down to the metal with little padding, it is time to replace the brake pads. During this service, the certified technician will remove the worn brake pads from your Acura and replace them with OEM brake pads to ensure the best performance and quality for your safety.

Brake Fluid Exchange Service

Within the brake system is brake fluid. This hydraulic fluid is used to ensure that the right pressure is applied when the driver is attempting to slow down. Like oil, coolant, and other fluids circulating through your Acura, brake fluid does wear out over time and is unable to properly assist the brake system. Often, the fluid is very weak when you are having trouble slowing down but have new brake pads. During this service, the certified technician will flush the exhausted brake fluid from your brake system and refill it with fresh brake fluid to ensure that the proper pressure is applied when slowing down.

Brake Rotor Resurfacing or Replacement Service

While they do not have to be changed often, the brake rotors on your Acura do tend to wear down in conjunction with the brake fluid. This part of the brake system brings your Acura to a stop, making it a critical component. When your rotors have worn to a point of not being able to stop properly, a certified technician will remove these rotors and replace them with the correct size for your Acura model so that your brake system can properly function during a brake rotor resurfacing or replacement service.