Acura Cabin Air Filter Replacement Service

Acura Cabin Air Filter Replacement Service

Things like the filters in your car often go forgotten about much longer than they should. Though they are little, their impact on the health of your car can be mighty. With so many air filters playing different roles, it's also important to go see professionals who will change the right filter at the right time, like our team here at Mile High Acura. Our team of professionals knows the importance and provides professional filter replacement services, like for your Acura Cabin Air Filter.


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Signs You Need to Replace the Cabin Air Filter

Your cabin air filter plays the important role of keeping all the dirt, debris and contaminants from the air outside from getting inside. This is particularly important for those who suffer from allergies and those who like breathing in clean air. Signs you need to replace it:

  • Reduced airflow through vents
  • Your airflow coming in smells dusty or maybe even a little moldy
  • Air isn't coming in as cool as it should

Changing your filter should be done once every 10,000 to 12,000 miles - highly dependent upon where you live and the kind of traffic you typically drive in.

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Benefits of a Clean Cabin Air Filter

By keeping up with your cabin air filter, you're helping your car stay healthy. When your filter is too dirty, it places strain on other parts and will make them work harder than they have to. This is dangerous for other parts of your car as it can make them work harder and wear out faster than they should. With a clean air filter, you're taking care of the little things so the big things can do what they're supposed to.

Cabin Air Filter Replacement Service at Mile High Acura

At Mile High Acura, our team takes the time to take care of all the little things on your car. Your cabin air filter is just that. With how surprisingly important it is, we use only genuine OEM filters to replace it, ensuring it will last as long as it's supposed to and that it will reliably do its job. The team at Mile High Acura is staffed with factory-trained professionals and happy to be the go-to service center for drivers all around the Denver area including Aurora and Centennial, CO.

We also offer an Engine Air Filter Replacement Service.

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