Mile High Acura Check Engine Light Diagnosis

Acura Check Engine Light Diagnostic Service in Denver, CO

Your vehicle's dashboard includes several lights that will turn on when something in your vehicle needs attention. One of the best known -- and one of the most feared -- is the check engine light. What does this light mean? Should you be worried? What's the right way to deal with a check engine light that has turned on? At Mile High Acura, we want to help. Keep on reading to see more about this light, and then come see why drivers from Aurora, Centennial, and Boulder choose Mile High Acura.



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What Does the Check Engine Light Mean?

The Engine Control Unit, or ECU, keeps tabs on everything that is going on in your engine. If something in your engine is not working the way it should, the ECU will send a message to the check engine light, which will turn on. It will also store a code that will allow us to see what system or component had the issue. To read this code, we will need to hook your Acura up to a code reader.

How Should I React When the Check Engine Light Comes On?

If the check engine light is flashing, it means that something serious is wrong; usually, it's an engine misfire that could destroy your catalytic converter. If the check engine light is flashing, pull over as soon as you can, turn off your engine, and call for a tow.

If the check engine light is solid, you have more time. While it's not good to drive your Acura for too long with this light on, it's also likely not an emergency. This means that you can keep driving. Once you've arrived at your destination, the first thing to do is check the gas cap. Make sure it isn't cracked, and that it's securely screwed in. If adjusting the gas cap doesn't fix the problem, schedule an appointment at Mile High Acura.

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What Makes Mile High Acura the Best Place for Check Engine Light Diagnostic Service?

When you visit Mile High Acura, the technicians will hook your Acura up to a code reader that will let us know what's wrong. When we figure out the problem, we can handle just about any kind of Acura service or repair. We have certified technicians who will use their skills, as well as OEM parts, to make sure your Acura stays in great shape. While you wait, enjoy our comfortable customer lounge.

Schedule Your Check Engine Light Diagnostic at Mile High Acura, Serving Boulder, CO

When you're ready for your appointment, use our online service scheduler or just stop by our service department to take advantage of our express service. We look forward to seeing you at Mile High Acura!


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