Top 4 Ways to Keep Your Acura In Peak Operating Form

February 2nd, 2017 by

Top 4 Ways to Keep Your Acura In Peak Operating Form

Your Acura is an investment. When cared for properly, it could give you years of enjoyment and make all your trips more fun. There are several things you should do to keep your Acura in top condition.

Have Your Brake Pads Changed as Needed

When your brake pads are worn, you’ll hear a distinctive screeching sound when applying the brakes. Although some car owners think of that sound as a minor annoyance they can ignore, you should never take that approach. Instead, once your brakes begin to squeal, make an appointment with the service department at your nearest Acura dealership.

During the servicing appointment, technicians will also check other things related to your brakes, such as whether the fluid levels are correct. If you lose brake fluid too rapidly, it may indicate a leak. It’s important to take your Acura to a dealership when getting the brakes fixed. Technicians use genuine Acura brake pads that work best with your car’s brake rotors, which extend your brakes’ life.

Replenish Fluids as Recommended

The brakes aren’t the only parts of your car that depend on fluid to work properly. The power steering, climate control system, and automatic transmission also need fluid replenishment to function as they should. Check your owner’s manual to see how often to change the fluids and adhere to the recommended schedule. You may find it most convenient to rely on your dealership for this aspect of car maintenance too, especially if you don’t have a garage or outdoor area to keep the fluids until you need to add more to your Acura.

Don’t Ignore Any Strange Issues

The longer you own and drive your car, the more in tune you’ll be with how it drives when everything is in working order. With that in mind, remain an attentive owner by always keeping track of when your car starts to do something unusual. Maybe you’ve noticed that the steering wheel feels a little stiffer that it should, or the car seems to jostle you around as you go down the road and it didn’t do that before.

Those are just two examples of issues that should be attended to by certified technicians. It may turn out that the issue you’ve noticed is not serious and easily fixed. On the other hand, it could be a problem that’s gradually causing hidden damage to your vehicle as you ignore it and hope things will return to normal soon enough.

Get Your Car Professionally Serviced Regularly

It’s also important to let Acura certified technicians thoroughly check your car even when it seems everything is functioning normally. Technicians could potentially find things wrong that aren’t interfering with your car’s performance yet, but will if they are not addressed.

Consider getting your car serviced regularly, and on a schedule that keeps seasons in mind. Your car deals with different demands in the summer versus the winter. Make a service appointment before going on major trips, too.

Now you know several things that’ll help you keep your Acura working normally. Put them into practice today.

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