What Happens If You Don’t Change Your Oil?

December 26th, 2018 by

Mechanic Changing Oil Open Hood

What happens if you don’t change your oil? Changing your oil is essential to keeping your vehicle in top shape. Therefore, when you don’t replace your old oil on time, you can cause severe damage to your engine.


What Does Oil Do?

The oil lubricates the engine, reducing friction and absorbing the heat from the engine components. When you don’t replace old oil with fresh oil, the heat in the engine doesn’t get absorbed, resulting in the pistons fusing to the cylinders. Dirt and debris picked up by old oil can also make the engine ineffective, causing it to overheat. When the engine overheats, your vehicle can experience more severe issues.

Car Engine Internals

How Often Should I Change My Vehicle’s Oil?

As a general rule of thumb, you should change your oil every 3 months or 3,000 miles. However, this time interval depends on your vehicle. You can check your vehicle’s manual for a more specific recommendation. How often you should change your oil also depends on your driving behavior. If you tend to drive long distances, it’s suggested that you change your oil more often to keep it in good condition.

Mechanic Checking Oil

How Do I Change It Myself?

The first thing to do when changing your vehicle’s oil by yourself is to be sure that you’re buying the right type of oil for your car. Then, after you drain the old oil and secure the cap, add the new oil slowly. Check the levels intermittently and confirm that the oil level is not too high or too low.

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