Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection

Acura Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection in Denver

A Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection is an evaluation of a vehicle's overall condition and probable performance by evaluating each of its primary components. Frequent Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection is an excellent way of identifying parts with significant wear for maintenance or repair before they can become defective and cause secondary problems.


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Benefits of a Multi-Point Inspection

The benefits of frequent Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection include enhanced reliability, optimum performance, and reduced long-term operating costs. The Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection is an Acura Accelerated Service that gets you in and out quickly and conveniently. Given the value and convenience of routine Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection for your Acura, it is an excellent maintenance strategy to get it done at least annually or biannually between seasons. By bringing your Acura in for routine Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection Service, you can almost guarantee that a worn part won't cause your vehicle performance or reliability problems.

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When Does My Acura Need a Multi-Point Inspection?

Every vehicle benefits from a routine Multi-Point Inspection. Since you drive a world-class Acura model, a fantastic way of making sure that it remains at world-class performance and reliability is with a Multi-Point Inspection before summer arrives and then again at the end of fall before winter. It is equally wise and beneficial to have Multi-Point Inspection completed with each scheduled maintenance or repair service. However, if you haven't had a Multi-Point Inspection in the last year, it is an excellent idea to bring your Acura in for an Accelerated Multi-Point Inspection performed inside of an hour. No matter if you drive an Acura NSX in Denver, Acura RDX in Aurora, Acura TLX in Centennial, or another Acura model in the Denver metropolitan area, rest assured that the region's highest quality Acura Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection Service is readily available at Mile High Acura.

What Does a Multi-Point Inspection Include?

Every Acura Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection features a factory-trained & certified Technician that understands your vehicle and its major components inside and out. The Certified Technician will follow a certified checklist covering 150 points to ensure each vital part is in good condition. The Multi-Point Inspection checklist tells the Certified Technician what part to inspect and each part is then assigned a score based on its condition - green is for components in good condition requiring no action; yellow is for components with visible wear that will require future maintenance or repair; red is for worn parts that need immediate maintenance or repair. Rest assured that every Acura Multi-Point Vehicle Inspection at Mile High Acura will provide you will an accurate evaluation of your vehicle's overall condition including all of its essential parts. 

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