Acura Timing Belt Special Service Special Coupon

Timing Belt Special


Recommended Every 90,000 Miles or 72 Months

Includes timing belt, water pump, serpentine belt, and coolant fluid exchange. Regular price $1,379.95.

What is a Timing Belt?

The Timing Belt is uniquely positioned on every internal combustion engine with one ultimate responsibility: synchronizing the engine's moving internal components including the valves opening and closing with piston movement. The Timing Belt has specifically designed teeth that meet the crankshaft where it accepts power, transferring the energy through the camshaft that controls valves opening and closing with each exhaust stroke.

What are the Warning Signs of a Faulty Timing Belt?

The ultimate goal is to maximize Timing Belt's life but replace it before it fails to cause more problems. With timing belt damage being so expensive to repair, it is always the best idea to replace the timing belt before it breaks. Here are several warning signs of a faulty timing belt in need of Timing Belt Replacement Service:

  • Ticking engine sounds
  • Difficulty starting the engine or it won't start
  • Engine misfire
  • Oil leaking toward the front of the engine

Mile High Acura Dealership & Service Center

What's Included in Mile High Acura's Timing Belt Service?

The Engine Timing Belt is relatively difficult to access with higher than average labor costs due to the time-intensive demands of the service. Because the water pump and drive belt have approximately the same service life as the Timing Belt, Timing Belt Service at Mile High Acura includes a water pump replacement and drive belt replacement service. With the labor cost of Water Pump and Drive Belt Replacements being negligible compared to accessing the Timing Belt, it is easily a good idea to replace the water pump and drive belt alongside the Timing Belt. It is for this reason that Mile High Acura replaces the timing belt, water pump, and drive belt with every Timing Belt Service.

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